The Centre for Research in Tourism (CRT) is an independent private-sector nonprofit organization dedicated exclusively to Nepal's tourism sector research. This centre was created and registered with the government of Nepal in 2019 to address the long-felt need for a specialized agency for engagement in scientific research and studies on every important aspect of Nepal's overall tourism sector. Despite tourism being one of the most potential sectors of the Nepalese economy, it has undeniably been under-represented for long both in the government's development priorities and public sector resource allocation practices. The harsh reality behind the very little understanding, particularly at the political level, of the unique strength and opportunities of Nepal's tourism sector inspired a small group of compatriot and passionate economists, development professionals and tourism sector experts to establish CRT.

CRT is committed to advocating, promoting and guiding the planned development of the Nepalese tourism sector through continuous scientific research on its multiple facets. It is dedicated to examining critically various genuine prospects and problems associated with this sector, and based on the evidence, recommends measures for its prudent and effective management. By disseminating its findings occasionally to a wide range of concerned stakeholders at the local, national, regional and international levels, CRT eventually aims to see Nepal's rapid economic growth through the optimal utilization of the country's natural, cultural and human resources with the fullest exploitation of every opportunity available in the tourism sector.

The key targeted users of CRT research are all the three levels of governments, Nepal's development partners, the domestic tourism industry and the professional communities within and outside the country. Its direct and indirect economic beneficiaries include the local hospitality businesses and the surrounding communities, people engaged in agriculture, horticulture, livestock, fishery, dairy, handicrafts, transportation enterprises, and so on in Nepal's various tourism destinations in particular.