Our Vision

Rapid economic and social development of Nepal through the massive and wise exploitation of the potentials in its unique tourism sector.

Our Mission

To provide high quality yet affordable research services on Nepal's overall tourism to the government, international development partners and the private sectors; and to motivate constantly the local stakeholders across the country to benefit from the immense tourism potentialities around them.

Our Objectives

The main objective of CRT is institution building. The following are its specific objectives:

  • to develop as a leading institute capable of producing high quality research on tourism sector development,
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  • to establish a resourceful documentation centre on Nepal's tourism related studies conducted by national and international research organizations
  • to float an evidence –based message on various pertinent issues within Nepal's tourism sector to national and international stakeholders.
  • to serve as a platform on Nepal's tourism sector development for professionals, academics and students from all over the world,
  • to inspire, motivate and facilitate the Nepalese hospitality and tourism graduates to establish professionally managed hospitality businesses in the feasible destinations in Nepal.

Our Recent Projects

CRT has already commenced studies on the following projects. They are at various stages of implementation:

  • Rapid appraisal of tourism development component in the periodic plans of selected municipalities in the Kathmandu valley of Nepal.
  • Analysis of the homestay operation in Kathmandu valley and its effects on the overall tourism industry of Nepal.
  • A brief study on the arrivals, stay, spending and market growth potentials of Indian tourists in Nepal.
  • A brief study on the arrivals, stay, spending and market growth potentials of Chinese tourists in Nepal.

Our Clients

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The Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation of the Government of Nepal

The Department of Tourism of the Government of Nepal

Nepal Tourism Board

Provincial Governments