The motivation behind establishing CRT is institution building for scientific research in the Nepalese tourism sector.

The Ministry of Tourism was established in Nepal as the government's separate entity to look after the tourism sector in 1978. Dr Harka Gurung, one of the most accomplished Nepalese scholars having wide range of experience in geography, economics, development planning, and tourism had instrumental role in its establishment. Following this development, some research studies in tourism were sponsored by the government in the early years. However, such activity could not get the same level of priority in the later decades. Consequently, several important research areas that could have contributed significantly to the overall development of the tourism sector have been grossly unattended.

CRT, as a specialized research organization in the tourism sector, identifies the possible areas lacking research, conducts research studies to address the gap, compiles sound evidences derived from its work and brings them to the notice of the key stakeholders. It aims to grow as a think-tank for the sustained development of tourism in Nepal. While CRT is fully capable of providing expert services in various types of quantitative and qualitative research studies to the government, international development partners and the private sector in Nepal; it continuously seeks collaborations with international research organizations for its further professional growth.

CRT has a small in-house team of competent professionals, a reasonable office and adequate administrative and financial systems to run the organization.

Our Vision

To grow as one-stop solutions for research services in Nepal's tourism

Our Mission

To explore logically every untapped opportunity for the rapid development of tourism industry in Nepal

Our Objectives

The long-term objective of CRT is institution building. The following are its specific objectives to achieve this objective:

  • To develop as a think-tank by undertaking research, generating knowledge and using evidence-based arguments to influence policies for the sustainable development of the Nepalese tourism sector.
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  • To advocate for the planned development of tourism at the national, provincial and local levels in Nepal.
  • To contribute through reliable research work to establish Nepal as a unique tourism destination.
  • To identify new tourism destinations and products in Nepal, and suggest strategies for their proper development and effective marketing.
  • To build massive awareness in the local communities on the benefits of tourism-related activities, and on their equity sharing.
  • To create awareness on mandatory research on the possible long-term impacts of every project in the tourism sector prior to its implementation.
  • To extend professional support to all the three levels of governments for the development of tourism in their respective geographical territories.
  • To draw stakeholders' attention towards the research need on pertinent tourism sector issues deemed crucial in the international arena, but still unattended in Nepal.
  • To serve as a resourceful and reliable documentation centre on Nepal's tourism.
  • To provide a platform to professionals, academics and students from all over the world for discussing Nepal's tourism sector development issues.