Major Activities

CRT aims to engage in the following activities to achieve its mission

  • Surveys to collect information and data on all important aspects of the tourism sector and generate evidence-based opinion, particularly on ;
    • basic physical infrastructures requirements in important tourist destinations
    • number of tourists in destinations, their lengths of stay, spending patterns, etc.
    • employment initiatives in and revenue generation by the local tourism industry
    • women's participation in tourism and the recognition of their contribution
    • forward and backward linkages with other economic and social development sectors
  • Exploration of appropriate training programs at the local levels to facilitate young men and women to participate in various economic activities within the tourism sector
  • Identifying economic empowerment opportunities of the local population through various direct and indirect interventions in the tourism sector
  • Formulation of Tourism Development Plans for the provincial and municipal level governments in Nepal
  • Organizing of training, seminars and orientations to the provincial and municipal level officials responsible for the development of tourism in their respective regions
  • Motivation to the private sector hospitality industry for result oriented scientific research in all development activities and extension programs in their enterprises.