1. Research and Consultancy

CRT is engaged in quality research, study and consulting services in all areas within the broad scope of Nepal's tourism development. Since the analysis of all tourism sector activities from the broader economic perspective is its main concern, CRT particularly focuses on identifying kinds of economic benefits or losses to the local communities from any such activity. All qualitative and quantitative research on the economic impact on the local communities from the natural, cultural and human resources is the major area of our engagement. CRT is interested in the following research based activities within the broad sphere of tourism development:

  • Integrated tourism planning
  • Strategic planning
  • Plan implementation
  • Feasibility studies
  • Needs assessments
  • Baseline surveys
  • Endline surveys
  • Evaluation studies
  • Impact appraisal
  • Exploratory research
  • Case studies, etc

As our research works are focused basically on policies and programmes crucial to the sustainable development of Nepal's tourism sector and the effective management of all natural, cultural and human resources, the following are some of the broad areas of our research interest: .

  • Sustainable tourism
  • Regenerative tourism
  • Indigenous tourism
  • Community tourism
  • Ecotourism
  • Agri-tourism
  • Responsible tourism
  • Adventure tourism
  • Nature-based tourism
  • Destination management
  • Tourism product management
  • Basic physical infrastructure requirements
  • Destination-specific constraints and challenges
  • Major source market-specific studies
  • Women's contribution in tourism
  • Linkages of tourism with other economic sectors

Our engagements in research are basically of two types:

  1. Specific research on any particular issues as per the sponsors' needs
  2. Other studies conducted with CRT's own initiative as part of its commitment to the sustainable development of Nepal's tourism sector

2. Advocacy

We advocate for the following:

  1. 1. Due national priority to the tourism sector for the country's overall economic and social development.
  2. 2. Sincere realization of the tourism sector as the engine
  3. to uplift the status of the masses in Nepal.
  4. 3. Wise and planned use of Nepal's natural, cultural and heritage resources for the sustained development of tourism sector.
  5. 4. Reliable estimation of required human, material and financial resources for the long, medium and short- term development of the tourism sector at all levels.
  6. 5. Urgent need to check the chaotic exploitation of scarce natural resources.
  7. 6. Timely formulation of authentic and well-spelt tourism sector development plan in each provincial and local government.
  8. 7. Proper orientation to local governments to control unhealthy trends in resource utilization in tourism.
  9. 8. Growing need for clear understanding of the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats, constraints and challenges associated with the tourism sector.
  10. 9. Mandatorily tying up of all tourism sector public resource allocations with the sectoral plans and programmes.
  11. 10. Genuine partnership between the three tiers of government in promoting tourism sector.
  12. 11. Full utilization of the NGO sector strengths for tourism development.
  13. 12. Increased private sector involvement in tourism sector policy formulation process.

3. Research Findings Dissemination

  • CRT produces research insights reports, primary desk research reports, diagnostic surveys and detailed reports on various aspects of the Nepalese tourism sector. Dissemination of its findings for greater benefit to the economy is one of CRT's core concerns.
  • The government policy-makers, private sector organizations, researchers, academics, industry associations, Nepal's development partners and other international organizations will be able to use confidently its research findings and policy recommendations. Such findings will be disseminated through reports, publications, seminars and interviews in the media.
  • CRT aims to organize occasionally national and international seminars and conferences on relevant themes to draw public and private sector attention.

4. Drawing Global Attention to Pertinent Issues

  • CRT draws global attention to crucial issues in Nepal's tourism sector demanding immediate actions.
  • CRT looks forward to participating meaningfully in international fora to share all genuine concerns drawn from its research findings.
  • CRT attends to all the genuine concerns of international development partners on Nepal's tourism sector.

5.Collaboration with International Organizations and Professional Individuals

  1. CRT aims to collaborate with international research organizations and professionals in all kinds of assignments concerning Nepal's tourism sector and welcomes partnership arrangements for the same.
  2. CRT is both capable of and prepared to provide strong local partnerships in all such endeavours.